Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How I (Kitty) took it.

I’m Kitty Forman. In this episode, I was trying to help my community by helping the church to organise an event to distract the old people of the town. It was a good way for me to provide a new sense to my life, a new reason to feel needed by the others. To accomplish that, I asked my husband and my son with two of his friends to come help. They accepted without hesitation, but when it came the time to do the event, it didn’t take half an hour before they all tried to escape their duty. For example, two of them cheated at our bingo game to steal all the prizes. My son started to talk with an old man to kill time before the event ended. On top of that, my husband went gambling to earn some money from the old people. It was a terrible night.

I felt like someone who has been left over. No one cared about my feelings. No one thought about what I was trying to do. The only thing they did was to do what they wanted to, not what I asked them to. It was hard, not at all. All I asked to them was to check the entry, supervise the bingo game and be responsible for the music. In the end, the only thing I was able to do this night, was to run after them to bring them back to their job. Now I think that it is too much to ask, even for my own family. I’m really sad for not being able to achieve this little act of kindness for my city. The only thing I learned from this experience was to do what we want to do by our own hands, not asking someone else.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How I (Eric) felt about it.

I’m Eric Foreman. In this episode, I tried to go out with another girl after breaking up with Donna. The first thing I heard after telling my friends about my date was that Donna had a date with one of my primary school classmates. I never liked this guy because he was the newbie of the school. Anyway, I went out with my date and everything was fine until I came back to my house. There, I saw Donna with the guy I hate. He wasn’t a newbie anymore. When he saw me he started to make fun of me and tried to humiliate me in front of Donna because I lost her.

At the beginning of the show, I was feeling okay even if I broke up with Donna recently. It changed when I learned that Donna was going to have a date with another guy. It surprised me, even more when I realised who this guy was. At first, I laughed about it because I thought he was still a loser. Things stayed like that until I came back and saw Donna near my house with the other guy. It really shocked me to see him laugh at me. Even Donna laughed at me. It was terrible. But I didn’t give up and I returned the assault and stayed until he left. After he left, I talk with Donna about him, about what he was before. It ended with me laughing at Donna because she was trapped with an old loser.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Questions on the last show

1st Question: What was the dream of Eric Foreman at the beginning of the show?

Answer: He dreamed that he was playing in a TV show. The TV show was about finding a chick for the participant. Each participant had to choose in a selection of three girls.

2nd Question: What did he win in this show and why?

Answer: He won the 3 girls because he wasn’t able to choose one at the end of the game.

3rd Question: What was the main subject of this episode?

Answer: It was about Eric and Donna. They broke up and, in this episode, they were trying to find a new boyfriend/girlfriend before the other one. In general, it was a fight the see which one would be better at going out with someone else.

4th Question: What did Fez have in his mind in this episode?

Answer: He was really preoccupied by his first time having sex with his girlfriend.

5th Question: How did this episode end?

Answer: It ended when Fez tried to persuade his friends that he had sex with his girlfriend. But it wasn’t true.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

First episode

This week, the episode I checked out occured in a church. It was one of the guy’s mother who wanted to do something for her community. So she participated in an event for old people in the basement of the church. Because they needed more help to make this event work, she asked her husband and son with two of her son’s friend to come help. It didn’t even take 30 minutes before the four men escaped from their duty to go steal the bingo prize by cheating, winning money at a dice game and another one talked to another man just to pass time. When the mother saw that, she was really mad at them and told them to get out of there. While all this was happening, the two main girls from the show were at the house where they always go to see each other. They were with Fezz and his new girl friend who is really crazy and they tried to convince Fezz to break up with her because she wasn't good for him. At the end, Fezz finally broke up with her with some difficulty, but he did it. The four men who were supposed to help at church tried desperately to apologise to the mother. It was really a funny episode.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That 70's Show

This is a TV program about the story of five young people who live in the 70s. Basically, it is a comedy show with a general story line made up of several short side stories. Each episode is about a small story that occurs within the group or with their parents. The main characters are three young boys and two girls. There are also their parents who are always near them to make the show even funnier to watch because they are really special. When you watch it a couple of time, most of the small stories start with a problem of communication or something not important that degenerates at a stupid rate. All this makes a nice program, fun to watch and easy to follow.

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